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    If You Grew Up Filthy Rich, We Want To Know What Made You Realize Your Parents Had MONEY

    By Michaela Bramwell,


    People who grew up rich can admit as adults that they lived in a completely alternate reality from everyone else.

    So, I'm asking members of the BuzzFeed Community : If you grew up in the top 1%, what made you realize that you were, in fact, "filthy rich?"

    Maybe your childhood was filled with kidnapper training for your own safety because your parents had THAT much money.

    "Kidnapping. Whenever we travelled there were guards, I was trained in what to do if it happened, we had insurance policies against it. When I dated a middle class suburbanite and talked about it she thought I was paranoid, but that was a thing." — happybadger

    Lorado / Getty Images

    Or maybe one of your parents was an ambassador, which means you regularly had dinner with a president.

    "I thought everyone got to eat dinner quite often with the president. I always thought the president had dinner at random houses until I learned otherwise when I finally joined the regular school (I was homeschooled till I was age 9), and no kid believed my 'dinner story.' My dad was the Ambassador of Kenya to Saudi Arabia."— grammarglamor

    Alex Wong / Getty Images

    Or maybe your family never had to stand in long lines for airport security because they had a private plane.

    "We never got around to owning a plane, but most of our family friends who we would vacation with would share theirs with us. Basically, you show up at the local airport and hop right on. If we ever took a commercial jet, we had a pre-paid TSA pre-check that let us zip through our own security line. I never understood why people would say they planned on heading to the airport two hours before their flight..." — whoops519

    Jupiter images / Getty Images

    If you grew up filthy rich, we want to hear from you! Share your experience in the comments below or via this anonymous Google form , and your response may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.

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