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    Democrats’ identity politics rules leave them stuck with Biden

    By Timothy P. Carney,


    President Joe Biden made a mistake back in 2020 when he picked Vice President Kamala Harris as his running mate. Beyond her extremist and intolerant record on social matters , she is simply a bad politician who does not instill confidence in voters. People have trouble imagining her as president.

    That exacerbates one of the Democrats’ main problems in 2024 : Biden is too old to be president, and he will certainly be too old by January 2029, when he will be 86 years old.

    When you’re asking voters to reelect a man who is on the verge of doddering, it would really help if voters were confident in the woman who would take over when the president either gains his eternal reward or is no longer of sound mind or body. Harris does not instill such confidence.

    Biden's age would be less of a problem if he had a better person at his side. Replacing a bad vice president would be possible if it weren't for the Democrats' identity politics rules.

    When Harris speaks, a deluge of incoherent platitudes gushes from her mouth, suggesting that she has no idea what she’s talking about and also that she lacks the oratory of the average politician or statesperson. She hasn’t shown anything approaching mastery, or even interest, in any policy matters except for abortion.

    A new poll from Morning Consult and Politico showed Harris with approval ratings as bad as Biden’s, with 52% seeing her unfavorably compared to 42% seeing her favorably. Consider these other numbers:

    Is Harris a strong leader? No, 48% to 42% Is Harris prepared? Tied, 44% to 44% Do voters trust Harris on national security? No, 48% to 42% Do voters trust Harris on relations with China? No, 50% to 37% Do voters trust Harris on handling the Middle East? No, 50% to 36% Would Harris make a good president? No, 51% to 40%

    If Biden had a more competent person as his vice president, he might not even be running for election this time. That No. 2 could have stepped up, sought the Democratic nomination with Biden’s endorsement, and been the favorite. But it was clear early on that Harris would be a poor general election candidate and a bad president.


    Under the Democrats’ identity politics rules, there was no good alternative to making Biden run a second time: There is simply no way they could have skipped a sitting vice president who is both black and a woman. It’s her turn, and if they bumped her aside for a white person or a man, it would be patriarchy or racism by their standards.

    As a result, Democrats are stuck with a man everyone knows is too old to be president, backed by a woman most people believe is not prepared to be president.

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