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    Baby Hears Whitney Houston Sing “I Will Always Love You” & His Reaction Is Astonishing

    By Taylor Cunningham,


    One baby’s reaction to Whitney Houston’s voice is further proof that music is the language of the soul. Or, at least, Whitney’s is.

    This video is an oldie but goodie—so good, in fact, that after going viral in spring 2023, it’s coming back around. It makes perfect sense that it would resurface because it’s both relatable and heartwarming.

    It shows a little guy sitting in his bouncer watching the music video for I Will Always Love You . The camera catches him just as the legendary songstress builds to the refrain, and he sits perfectly still, completely captivated by her voice and his emotions.

    When Whitney jumps to the beautiful, belting words, the baby is visibly moved. First, he smiles and looks appreciative. Then, the smile turns into tears. He doesn’t look away until someone behind catches his attention and says, “It’s okay,” and tells him not to cry. The baby is comforted by the words and smiles at the camera as more tears well in his eyes.

    Commenters Can Empathize With The Baby’s Reaction To Hearing Whitney Houston

    Listening to music is important for babies for many reasons. According to studies , it helps build mathematic and communication skills. It also helps babies gain emotional intelligence by teaching them to get in touch with their own feelings, which is certainly showcased in this viral video.

    Since it was posted in April 2023, the clip has earned more than 20 million views and over 53k comments, most of which admit they understand what the baby felt when he heard Whitney Houston’s iconic voice.

    “That gets me EVERY time as well,” someone shared. “I am STILL sad she is gone.”

    “That song is really that beautiful. I cried too baby,” another person wrote.

    “I feel this in my soul,” said a commenter. “She still gets me all the time. And I love it.”

    You can find the source of this story’s featured image here .

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