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    'My mom destroyed my grandma's wedding dress because I wanted to wear it'

    By Eve Wagstaff,


    A bride-to-be has been urged to uninvite her mother from her wedding and cut her out of her life after d iscovering that she had destroyed her wedding dress . Sharing the heartbreaking situation on social media , she explained that her mom and her grandma hadn’t always seen eye to eye on account of their lifestyle choices.

    She wrote: “My nan was a happy housewife, and she pushed that lifestyle onto her daughters. Mum went the opposite way, telling me that I should put my career over all else. Nan was always arguing with one of her kids when they were adults, including my mum, but mum still allowed nan to babysit me and we became very close before she passed away.”

    The woman explained that she had recently got engaged and her grandfather offered his wife’s dress to her, which she was delighted about. She went on: “It was originally worn by her in the late 60s, was restored in the mid-90s, and was preserved and still in good condition today. When I told mum she became upset and angry, saying I couldn't use nan's dress as I look too much like nan already and the dress would add to that, and began sending me other dress ideas and offered to pay for a new one, all of which I rejected.”

    With the dress being safely stored at her grandmother and grandfather’s house, she decided to leave it there until the wedding. However, this is where things went wrong.

    She wrote: “Three days ago my mum went to grandad's house, saying that I'd tasked her with picking up the dress. Grandad let her in. She then left without the dress. Grandad realised she'd forgotten the dress after she left, went up to the attic, and found it covered in black stains. He called me.

    “I think it's ink. The dress is made with lace so I've been hand washing it as carefully as I can but it's not coming out. Grandad says it's fine, and it's just a dress, but he's clearly upset over this. I've spoken to mum, once, and she completely ignored my questions about the dress, only offering to buy me a new dress, and refusing to talk about nan's dress, aside from saying it wouldn't have suited me, anyway. Presumably because it would have made me look like nan.

    “I am at my wit's end with her, and I just can't believe she would do this. I get she and nan had issues, but her issues with nan were not my issues with nan, but she's letting that shape my relationship with her. This was just so unnecessarily petty and spiteful. I don't even know what to say to her anymore. I don't know what to say past this. I'm just furious.”

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    In addition to raging about the awful mother and advising the bride to uninvite her from the wedding and stop all contact, people reading the Reddit post offered some words of advice. One user replied: “Is there any part of the dress you can salvage and have added to your eventual dress? I’m wondering if someone would be able to design and sew you an identical dress. I’m so sorry.”

    Another suggested: “If it’s ink, soak the dress in whole milk. Milk protein binds with ink, and lifts it. Soap nuts - available at health food stores- soaked in warm water produce a very gentle soap used by museums to clean historic lace.”

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