Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Silence Over Anne Heche's Fatal Car Crash Following 'Critical Condition' Reports

Business Times
Business Times

Ellen DeGeneres finally broke her silence o96ver Anne Heche's fatal car crash. Portia de Rossi's spouse answered some questions about her former partner after being out and about in Santa Barbara, California, on Monday, August 8.
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Reporters couldn't help but ask Ellen DeGeneres about Anne Heche's situation. The two were famously in a relationship for three years, from 1997 to 2000.

The famed talk show host told Daily Mail they weren't in touch with each other, so she had no idea how her former girlfriend was doing.

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She didn’t break her silence, she was asked about it on the street, and she gave a very vague response. She said they are not in contact and she wishes everyone well. That’s not commenting, that’s not breaking her silence. She made no comment about the woman at all


You are obviously not a real journalist, and you obviously do not use spell check, otherwise you would have noticed your egregious typo o96ver in very beginning of your trashy so called news article. Please do the world a favor and put down your bottle of vodka or your drug of choice, and do not attempt to have anything you have "written" published in the future. Find another way to earn money because anything that includes proper grammar and no ridiculously overlooked typos is definitely not your calling.

Marsha Wray

No fatalities in this crash. Also, I don’t think Ms Heche would be still alive if she was in a burning car for 30-60 minutes. Very poorly and inaccurate written article.


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