Creative Trends Applied To Digital Marketing In 2022

Andre Oentoro

Social Media plays a significant role in digital marketing. It has become a common way for people to connect with friends and engage with communities. It is not uncommon for business owners to promote their products or services on social media to connect with this large online audience. That said, digital marketing trends are constantly changing which means marketing strategies need to be specific in order to achieve business goals.

In the TikTok marketing era, short-form videos are nothing new. Video marketing has become an effective lead generation channel. Among all forms of marketing, short-form video content has proved to be a tremendous attention grabber. However, it doesn’t; mean that any short-form video can perform well on social media, there must be a strategy.

A great video is the one that can keep the viewer in anticipation, engaged, and hooked all the way. Here is a perfect example by Naturality Digital, which has been able to turn a boring product into a modern eye-catchy video explainer. The first 3 seconds of this commercial video stir up the viewer’s curiosity, as it starts with classical music and changes to upbeat music instantly. This switch leaves viewers in anticipation of what will happen next. That’s the power of a hook!

The rest of the video seamlessly makes the audience laugh, leaving them with a good memory of your brand. Short-form videos are capable of boosting your engagement with your target audience therefore it is important to create short videos that leave your viewers wanting more.

There are various practices you can use in your video content strategy to connect with your audience. Using humor works like a magic pill. It gives your audience a great impression of your business and invites audiences to find out about your brand.

Starting your short video by addressing a problem is a great idea as it tackles what the audience can resonate with. It’s important to emphasize how your business is capable of solving this problem. Nobody really cares about your product descriptions, they care about how they’ll make their lives better and more fulfilled.

What a revelation! In some cases, using a surprising hook at the beginning of the video can trigger the desired reaction from your audience. If your content is outstanding, it gets many views and shares which boosts your brand, spreading its awareness. The most important thing to keep in mind when creating short-video content is your audience and what resonates with them.

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