Ohio Drug Strike Force Arrests 5

Ohio Heroin Drug Force Arrests 5SCDN photo archives

by Cyn Mackley - SCDN Crime & Justice

Five people were arrested during a drug crackdown by the Heroin Interdiction Team (HIT) on Monday. HIT is a joint effort of several local law enforcement agencies. This time around, they concentrated to check out various drug tips that were recently reported to local police.

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Officers staked out a home on N. Mill Street and watched as vehicles visited the residence. When one of the vehicles violated traffic rules, they pulled it over. MCSO K9 Officer Hex gave sniffed the outside of the vehicle and altered his handler to the presence of drugs.
Ohio Drug Strike Force Arrests 5Illustrative photo

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When officers searched the vehicle, they found meth inside. They arrested 33-year-old Joseph R Gardner for possession of meth and took him to the county jail.

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Deputies then got a search warrant for the suspect drug house. A search of the home turned up both drugs and cash. Officers arrested the following people on drug possession charges:

  • Brittany N Muter, 20
  • Brandan P Montague, 28
  • Andrea N Rinderle, 21

They are currently held without bond in the county jail.

Also arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia was Michael S McLeland, 37. Judge Matthew Gilmore set his bond at $50,000.

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Patty J.

Looks like drugs have aged all of them!! Shocked to see most are in early 20's,,,, definitely messed up


now what I'm wondering is where the real dealer was because its obvious they r the users 🤔


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