Sacramento Is Home To California's Best Soul Food Restaurant

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Sacramento is home to the best soul food restaurant in the state of California, according to a recent report from LoveFood . The website set out to find the best food every state had to offer.

"Nothing beats the comfort of soul food. Here are the best restaurants celebrating the African-American tradition, where many of the recipes have been passed down through generations," reads the report. "Expect the likes of collard greens, beans, cornmeal in many forms, along with crispy catfish, pork and tender fried chicken."

The report named Fixins Soul Kitchen on 3rd Ave in Sacramento as the best soul food restaurant in California.

Here's what LoveFood had to say about the iconic restaurant:

"Craving comfort food in California? Fixins Soul Kitchen’s 24-hour brined fried chicken, cornmeal crusted catfish, mac ‘n’ cheese and “Adult Kool-Aid” (red Kool-Aid cubes, Sprite and Ciroc vodka) will sort you out. Founded by former NBA All-Star and Mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson and his wife Michelle, the roomy restaurant has a sports bar vibe and staff that know how to take care of you. It has a second location in Los Angeles."

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Double Knotted Lace

Dulan's smashing on everythang...stop playing. Fixin's ain't bad at all. Lena's stay crackin'. Don't sleep on the Pie Queen tho. just to name few. Never been to Tori's.

Kenneth L. Jones

Have y'all been to Southern Cafe in Oakland?? Fixens is hella good but Southern Cafe is my vote for best in Cali!!!

David Morrison

First visit was absolutely GREAT second visit a huge disappointment gave them the benifit of the doubt...third visit..another disappointment ... that said not going back overrated and inconsistent...


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