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Brandon Gooch

Biden administration will do what ever it takes to keep them all out of prison if that means war he will do it they know when they loose the power in Washington they are all being investigated and charged with an array of charges! Biden family breaking the law by telling the boarder patrol it can't arrest illegal immigrants for only being an illegal and flying illegal immigrants around the country at night and taking money from China officials on the highest level, Nancy pelosi inside trading and also taking money from China officials, Hillary Clinton Fabrication of the Russian dossier that the Dems used to impeach Trump and taking money from Russia China and Ireland and leaving a lot of troops and citizens to be murdered by Taliban ,AOC mis using campaign funds and violating forced mandates that she implemented! I could go on forever

Ray 67

the only ones that will survive a nuclear war, is the government and the rich enough. there many underground bunkers in the US

Deborah Robinson

I am asking God please don't let us all end up in war because these countries don't realize that it will kill a lot of people and not only that probably destroy the whole world


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