Alec Baldwin Allegedly Facing $60 Million ‘Divorce From Hell’ With Reportedly Troubled Marriage To Hilaria


Are Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin secretly struggling? One report says the two are going to get divorced in the aftermath of Halyna Hutchins death. Gossip Cop investigates.

According to Life & Style, the Baldwins are not long for this world. An insider says, “They’re living a lie — their marriage has been in trouble for a long time.” The two have faced numerous scandals, but the death of Hutchins is what sent everything over the edge.

Alec isn’t happy with Hilaria. She’s “been overbearing as she tries to ‘fix’ the situation,” a source says. Alec “has had it,” the insider concludes. “This could turn into the divorce from hell.” With six children and $60 million in the balance, there’s a lot to sort through.

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J Dubya

Ahh ha! Hilaria was on set, loaded the bullet, knowing what a dumbass her husband is and waited. Now she has a great divorce case and should have no issue claiming half of his wealth. She's a genius!

Hunter's My Wolf

Maybe Alec was having an affair with Hutchins and she was going to tell his wife. Whoops accident on the set. Can't tell his wife now...

Dale Dalley

he's guilty you don't take a prop gun and shoot and it does not fire bullet it's a prop gun it's like a blank gun it can't fire cuz it doesn't have a clean bore I said if it had a bullet in it it would blown up in his hand


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