Wendy Williams' Son Kevin Hunter Leaves Mom's Side To Hang With Friends After Giving The Embattled TV Host An Ultimatum


Wendy Williams' son, Kevin Hunter Jr., appears to be living his best life while his mom remains MIA amid her health woes and talk show hiatus. The 21-year-old made a rare appearance on social media to share a quick video of himself working out at the gym with friends at the Paramount Miami Worldcenter.
Source: MEGA

Dressed in a solid black t-shirt and a matching pair of gym shorts, Kevin Jr. recorded himself in the gym mirror while Coote Corleone's "Out The Blue Buccs" played in the background.

According to Radar, Hunter Jr. flew out from New York on a private jet. Williams' son has been by her side in recent months ever since she stepped back from The Wendy Williams Show in September due to "ongoing health issues." Hunter Jr. has reportedly only left the embattled TV host's side for brief trips to Los Angeles and Florida.

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You people are all RUDE, CRUDE AND UNCOMPASSIONATE. This world is sickening to me!! A man is helping his mother fight THE FIGHT OF HER LIFE and all you can do is criticize them? Were you all raised by animals? What if this were YOUR FAMILY? Would you be so quick to judge or condemn? Lord our God bless these people of indecency and slander for they know not what they do. We need you Lord the world as we once knew it is now becoming extinct! Pray for your souls now for our Lord is coming. Wendy I wish you well, Hunter you are a good Christian son, continue to take good care of mom. God bless you both. ~Amen 🙏💞🫂

Mell F

He's a very good son. I'm definitely not a fan but I do have compassion for her. I hope that she heals and gets her life in order.

Bernardine Freeman

why are they writing about him hanging with his friend,his mom probably told him to go and enjoy hisself, wendy was not left along, while she is still no well.Kevin I hope you had a great time


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