Meghan Markle Dubbed Heartless For Engaging In Her Self-Centered Antics While Queen Elizabeth Is Sick

Entertainment Times
Entertainment Times

In its Dec. 13 issue, National Enquirer claimed that the royal family was enraged following Markle’s self-centered antics. But what made things worse was the fact that Queen Elizabeth was still recovering from her recent hospitalization when Markle appeared on the show.
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“Meghan and Harry may think only of their new cash-chasing life but the queen is hell-bent on saving the monarchy and won’t allow toxic royal rebels to destroy that. She’s already banned them from what is likely her final Christmas at Sandringham, although she desperately misses their children, Archie and baby Lilibet, who she never met,” the source said.

The insider also said that the royal family doesn’t like how Markle put her personal interests first before the British clan even though she continues to use her royal title.

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Jane Snipes

Meghan only cares for Meghan. The Queen should remove their titles. They were allowed to keep the titles but were not supposed to use that. All they have done is use the titles to make money. They may not say it out loud but the family is probably glad they aren't coming for Christmas because they know there will be trouble.

Susie Q

Remove their titles, just using them for tying to make money ! They're both no longer Royalty, they left that behind when they left the Royal family....we have NO ROYALS HERE IN AMERICA !

Gail barnes

She is mentally & self centered. Needs help!! Sorry for Harry & the children. Really we know now why her family has told things about her and they have nothing to do with her..


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