Police Find Wanted Suspect with Loaded Gun During Glen Burnie Traffic Stop

Report Annapolis
Report Annapolis

An Anne Arundel County Police Officer seized a loaded handgun from a wanted suspect during a traffic stop in Glen Burnie.

On November 25, 2021, at approximately 12:25 a.m., the officer stopped a blue 2010 Honda Accord on Ritchie Highway and E 11th Avenue in Glen Burnie. The driver was found to have an open warrant and subsequent to the arrest, a loaded 9mm Zigana PX9 handgun and a small amount of marijuana were located in the vehicle.

The driver was identified as:

Ismail Ibn Williams
Brooklyn, Maryland

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James Shipman

He sure is holding his head high!... his parents must be so proud!.... dear God please help this young man to wake up before it's too late in Jesus name amen🙏❤💛🖤💟🙏⚖🗽🕊❗❗❗

Charles Graham
26d ago

Most citizens, doesn't have a clue, off the negative affects that a long prison sentence has on the minds of young people, as opposed to a prosess of rehabilitation of the recipient mind, it turns into a long period of mind deterioration and self motivation, to graph the intended purpose of incarceration, which in most instances goes against the entire purpose of returning to society with a positive attitude, and the ability to readjust into positive and productive life style.

jerry j

hey Baltimore if you want to stop crime bring an Anne Arundel County Police and the prosecutors


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