Stimulus Check Update: 2021 Final Round Of Payments; Are You Eligible?

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Business Times

One last round of stimulus checks await millions of Americans before the end of 2021. A batch was issued on Nov. 15, but another one will be sent out on Dec. 15.
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This year's six stimulus checks, which began in July, were a new approach to the health-care crisis. The funds were part of a $1.9 trillion stimulus package passed by Congress in March. That bill increased the standard amount of the Child Tax Credit, among other things.

Families will receive a tax credit when they file their federal tax forms.

A bigger tax credit for eligible households when they filed their taxes in 2022 would have sufficed if this had been a typical year. The tax credit is arranged in such a way that Americans receive half of it in cash up front. It was also spaced out over several months.

The first thing you should know if you have received a deposit into your IRS bank account is that it is not a fourth stimulus payment from the federal government. In fact, it's a "plus-up" payment. It's money owed to you from the third stimulus check, not a fourth stimulus check.

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John Stewart

I'm on Social Security and I really could use another stimulus check for I'm struggling sometimes to pay bills food medication please help me

Mark Brimer

every body but the poor the people on SSI,SSID,and so on we have to wait until the end of the year to get a raise. we could use another check too .

Leanne Hicks

I'm terrified!! My husband and I both live on social security and the new payment policy is going to get us evicted with no where to go. My husband will get his payment on the 2nd Wednesday of the month and I won't see mine until the end of the month. Someone please tell me if they know of any landlord in the country that will accept rent at the end of the month without charging astronomical late fees!!! Neither of us can work nor can any one of our checks cover rent. Biden just condemned THOUSANDS of elderly and disabled to life on the street with a very good chance of condemnation to death on the streets. Way to go, a***hole!


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