Reese Witherspoon Allegedly Headed For $1 Billion Divorce After Moving Out, Dubious Report Says


Are Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth headed for divorce? One tabloid’s cover story claims the Legally Blonde has moved out of her home. Here’s what we know.

The most recent edition of OKreports Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth’s marriage is on its last leg. Witherspoon recently ditched her stomping grounds in California to shoot her latest film in New York City.

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After Witherspoon went solo to see the Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams art exhibit, she broke down in tears. While Witherspoon shared on social media that she was overjoyed to see the art, the outlet insists there’s more to it than that.

“Reese and Jim have been fighting more and more, so Reese was looking forward to getting away to do this movie,” an insider dishes. “It’s always hard to say bye, but this time it was especially emotional because things have been so strained between them. When Reese found herself alone at the museum, that’s when it all caught up to her.”

And when she got back to the West Coast, she opted to stay in a hotel instead of going home. To make matters worse, the actress was spotted without her ring on multiple occasions over the last year.

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Apparently, things took a turn for the worst when Toth’s failed business venture, Quibi, was dissolved. While Toth struggled to cut it as an entrepreneur, Witherspoon’s media company, Hello Sunshine, was taking off after a $900 million buyout. Apparently, the couple has just grown apart.

And with Witherspoon’s massive net-worth and their young son, a divorce could get messy. But one insider hopes they’ll get through this rough patch and stay together. “Reese and he have had their ups and downs, but they’ve put in the work and pulled through. Those close to them are hoping this is just another bump they can recover from.”

There’s a lot to unpack here. Apparently, if you get emotional over art and check into a hotel after returning from a pandemic hot zone, that means you’re leaving your husband. The tabloid may have droned on about the couple’s “power imbalance,” but the outlet’s outdated views on marriage don’t mean anything.

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The magazine absolutely would not push this narrative if Witherspoon was a man. Clearly, the outlet has some issue with a wife making more money than her husband, but we doubt that’s the case with Toth.

Otherwise, there’s absolutely no evidence that the couple is struggling. As one of the busiest women in Hollywood, Witherspoon usually has her plate full of projects. But that doesn’t mean she is living a “separate life” from Toth.

And since the article wraps up by saying they probably won’t get divorced, the tabloid must have had its doubts too. Only time will tell, but we’re guessing Witherspoon’s marriage is doing just fine. This is far from the first time OKhas tried this story.

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Earlier this year, the outlet claimed Witherspoon and Toth were barreling towards divorce after the Big Little Lies star was spotted without her wedding ring. And after Witherspoon sold a majority stake in her company, the magazine reported it was the “beginning of the end” of her marriage. Obviously, OK! isn’t reliable when it comes to Witherspoon’s marriage.

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