Prince Harry, Meghan Markle didn’t ‘come to terms’ with ‘royal hierarchy’


Royal commentator Andrew Morton claimed Meghan and Harry struggled with their position in the royal hierarchy. While speaking on podcast US Weekly with Molly Mulshine and Christine Garibaldi, he said that, despite the Sussexes popularity, their place in the line of succession would remain the same.

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Mr. Morton said: "The one thing people have to appreciate is that inside the Royal Family it doesn't matter how popular you are, it is down to your position in the line of succession.

"Meghan and Harry came back from Australia and the south seas as very popular figures. "But they were still always going to be number two and three to Prince William and then subsequently Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis."

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He went on to claim: "I think this is something that Harry and Meghan couldn't come to terms with." Mr. Morton believes this happens regularly in the Royal Family. He said: "Yes they were popular but they didn't have the position.

"This is something that has happened to every single member of the Royal Family. "Princess Margaret was once second in line to the throne and when she was married to Antony Armstrong Jones she and him were the most glamorous couple on the planet.

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"But it all dissipated as Charles and Anne grew and developed and had their own publicity." The US weekly hosts also noted that a resurfaced interview of Meghan Markle in 2015 gave an insight into her attitude.

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Ms. Garibaldi said: "This is actually interesting, a 2015 interview with Meghan Markle has been uncovered. "Many people think it predicted her royal exit even before she met Prince Harry. "Obviously, Meghan can't predict the future but she did have some telling things to say on how she approached life."

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Maybe its good Harry got Migraine away from Kate....shes so jealous of Kate and resents Kates position so badly, it could have gotten dangerous for Kate. I mean this is a woman thats stalking a dead woman...she wants to be sick is that? Shes already admitted to having mental health issues. I understand why William kicked them out of Kensington, i wouldnt want her vitriol around my family either.

Happy cat

Harry didn't like it but I believe he excepted his position. It was Meghan's narcissism that couldn't handle having to defer to anyone especially Kate who she is extremely jealous of her position and being so loved by the public.

Ana Stephens

Tell her to stop whining and get over it. She didn't have to marry him. You have to love a man and all his baggage and if you can't, do yourselves both a favor and move on. Don't get married and try to change your spouse, especially the parts out of his control. Grow up and deal.


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