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Nantucket Voice
Nantucket Voice
 30 days ago

(NANTUCKET, MA) Nantucket is ready for live events.

With new technologies allowing live content to be shared remotely in new ways, enriched remote versions of everything from live talks to stand-up comedy are cropping up.

Simultaneously, venues from bars to coffeehouses and music clubs are adapting in-person formats to allow social distancing.

Here is a list of live events coming up, including both in-person and online in Nantucket:

Starts at: Sat Sep 09, 04:00 PM

Ends at: Sat Sep 09, 05:15 PM

Address: (zoom link will be emailed soon), Nantucket, MA 02554

Discover the power of your breath to relieve stress, ease anxiety and calm your mind in a free LIVE and interactive session.

Starts at: Wed Sep 09, 04:00 AM

Ends at: Wed Sep 09, 05:00 PM

Address: 56 Centre St, Nantucket, MA

What is the nature of love? Rapture? Obsession? Manipulation? Since the inception of opera, the archetypal femme fatale has been one of the most explored stock characters in the genre...
Nantucket, MA | Posted by Local Events

Starts at: Wed Sep 09, 05:00 PM

Ends at: Sat Sep 09, 04:59 PM

Address: 4 Vestal St, Nantucket, MA

“We are women studying together,” Maria Mitchell told her Vassar College students. Maria Mitchell, America’s first woman astronomer, believed in learning
Nantucket, MA | Posted by Local Events

Starts at: Sat Sep 09, 06:00 PM

Ends at: Sun Sep 09, 10:00 PM

Address: 1 Main St, Nantucket, MA

Playing 9pm-1am Saturday-Sunday at Nantucket’s infamous Club Car piano bar!

Starts at: Thu Oct 10, 03:30 PM

Ends at: Thu Oct 10, 06:30 PM

Address: 22 Federal Street, Nantucket, MA 02554

Join Sarah Leah Chase as she prepares some of her favorite Fall dishes, with special guest Bonnie Benwick.

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