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Hillbilly Chronicles: Mom Flees Kentucky Cops by Truck, Tractor, and Kayak

Mom Flees Kentucky Cops by Tractor, Truck, and Kayak

Kentucky State News by Ross Madison

A Kentucky woman went to the extremes to avoid the police.

Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Department reported that a woman in Kentucky stole a truck, kayak, and a tractor to avoid police capture.

A woman was reported to have stolen a truck and driven it through the door of a garage. The Bremen sheriff's office then responded to another report that a woman had allegedly stolen a John Deere tractor from a home on Highway 2584.

Officers say 41-year-old Tiana Duncan, of Greenville, took the heisted truck and ended up at a farm on Hwy 2584. Afterwards, Duncan ran off and grabbed a kayak in order to escape into a nearby creek. 

Duncan was then accused of stealing a John Deere tractor from the farm and attempting to escape in it. The tractor, however, got stuck in a culvert when Duncan lowered the bucket.

Until deputies arrived, the woman was detained by the property owners.

A number of charges were filed against Duncan, including:

  • Theft by Unlawful Taking (Auto)
  • Theft By Unlawful Taking Farm Equipment
  • Public Intoxication
  • Three counts of Criminal Mischief (3rd Degree)
  • Criminal Mischief (1st Degree)
  • Burglary (3rd Degree)
  • Two counts of Burglary (2nd Degree)

It is unclear if the Kentucky police were actually chasing Duncan at the onset of this bizarre behavior or the potential charges (if any) she was facing.

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