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San Diego, CA

My Favorite Mexican Restaurants in San Diego

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 28 days ago

Being from the Bay Area, I've had my fair share of amazing Mexican food. But for a short period of time, I lived in San Diego and got to discover so many different cuisines. There's so many I want to talk about but for this article, I will let you guys in on which Mexican restaurants to hit up when visiting San Diego.

Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop
Chandni D on Yelp

First up, I will be giving a review on one of my favorite taco shops in San Diego: Lucha Libre. I may be bias towards this shop because it's right by the beach but that is exactly WHY I love this place so much. First, you have the option to either choose a burrito from their menu or you can buy a build your own burrito/taco box which is a pretty cool concept. Second, the price is so reasonable at just under $10! You can't get a giant and delicious burrito in the Bay Area for under $10 anymore. And lastly, the beach. The gorgeous San Diego beach is RIGHT there for you to enjoy your burrito/tacos and watch the sun set over the ocean. When they talk about beach vibes, this is what you want.

What I recommend: Surf and Turf taco box or one of their many burritos

Location: 1810 W Washington St San Diego, CA 92103

Cafe Coyote
Cafe Coyote Owner on Yelp

Let me just start off by saying that the ambiance of this place is remarkable. The moment you approach this restaurant, you know it's different because the workers come out to greet you and help you get a nice table. They saw that I had a camera around my neck when I first came by and they instantly offered a table with the best lighting and told me that Instagram shots would look best here. Talk about quality customer service! They even recommended I get a California burrito because the cross section looks really good and the taste is delicious. And they were right, everything that I ate had so much flavor and the meats were all very tender and moist. On the side, I ordered a couple fish tacos just to try and the batter on their fish is so perfectly crispy. 10/10 would recommend anyone to come try.

What I recommend: California burrito and fish tacos

Location: 2461 San Diego Ave San Diego, CA 92110

La Puerta

Another Mexican restaurant that I have high praise for, especially for their happy hour. Honestly, I come here for their happy hour most of the time because it's incredibly cheap but also very tasty. I love the drinks here and would definitely get buzzed after 2. They don't play around with their margaritas here because they're delicious and the buzz creeps up on you. The best dishes to eat alongside their margaritas is their amazing tacos. They provide so many different types of tacos but my favorite is their carne asada and carnitas. Great time to come is on weekends when everyone is trying to relax and take a load off at their bar. Everyone gets involved and cheer and sing. The energy in the room is addicting.

What I recommend: margaritas and carnitas tacos

Location: 560 4th Ave San Diego, CA 92101

I wish I could list out 10 of my favorite Mexican restaurants in one article but it would be way too long to read. San Diego is one of my favorite cities in California simply because the people in this city are very chill. Everyone just wants to relax, drink some beer, eat some tacos, and enjoy walking on the beautiful beaches. If you ever get the opportunity to visit San Diego, don't worry because I will be writing more articles about the amazing restaurants San Diego has to offer.

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