Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert mocked after announcing that her pronoun is ‘patriot’

Lauren Boebert (EPA)

Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert has been roundly roasted after she announced she would be using “patriot” as her pronoun.

The politician struggled to garner support after she tried to mock people who clarify their gender identity and show her love of America in one fell and failed swoop on Twitter.

Some people were quick to teach her the fundamentals of grammar and point out that “patriot” is a noun not a pronoun:

While others gave her their own... less than complimentary labels:

As well as being a Republican politician, Boebert runs a restaurant in Colorado in which staff members are encouraged to openly carry firearms. It is called, and this is not a joke, Shooter’s Grill.

She is no stranger to controversy - she was briefly suspended from Twitter after she posted tweets about the Capitol riots in January and some claim she is linked to conspiracy theorist group QAnon, which she denies. She has also spoken out against coronavirus restrictions and has been criticised for interviewing a member of the far-right group, Proud Boys.

And it is not the first time she has mocked the use of pronouns. She has ‘jokingly’ demanded to be known as “congressman” and has called the Equality Act, which would ban discrimination against LGBTQ Americans, a “supremacy of gays.”

Oh dear, Boebert. What a “patriot”.

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Joan Bell

She was elected to represent all individuals in her district, not just the ones she chooses to represent. Like MTG, she's not interested in legislating, all she wants is attention. She apparently doesn't care or doesn't realize how ridiculous she sounds. It's yet another reason not to support or elect someone Trump endorses.

Tim Gruss

I watched a whole bunch of people that called themselves Patriots mount an insurrection against our government and the safest elections that this country has ever held. it's pretty clear a lot of people don't understand what patriot means and the people that like to use the term to describe themselves are usually the farthest thing from it

growler wolf

People with her mind set are what's wrong with the world... All she engages in is behavior that tears people down instead of lifting them up...


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