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The Woman in the Window viewers issue same warning to Netflix users

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The Independent
The Independent

Netflix users are issuing a warning to those wanting to watch The Woman in the Window .

The new film, which was released last week, has become another hit for the streaming service.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s any good – the mystery thriller has received a frosty reception and currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 29 per cent.

Starring Amy Adams, the story follows Anna Fox, who, while confined to her New York home. is visited by a kindly neighbour from across the street named Jane (Julianne Moore).

However, Anna’s life starts to dramatically unravel when she believes she witnesses Jane’s murder from her bedroom window. She then learns that Jane is very much alive – only she looks like an entirely different woman and is suddenly played by Jennifer Jason Leigh .

Now, those who have seen the film are warning others to steer clear and to watch Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window instead.

Director Joe Wright even pays homage to the classic by showing Adams’ character watching it near the beginning of the film.

The Woman in the Window is so bad.....just watch Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock instead!” one person wrote.

Another stated: “Why watch The Woman in the Window (2021) when you can watch Rear Window (1954)?”

One frustrated viewer called it “yet ANOTHER remake of REAR WINDOW”, adding: “ Rear Window didn’t need another remake. And they weren’t even subtle about it. There was literally a shot of Rear Window playing on the television.”

“I love Rear Window , which has mystery, suspense, romance and humour, and tried to watch Woman in the Window last night – which had nothing fun or enjoyable about it,” another brutally added.

The Woman in the Window arrived on Netflix more than a year and a half after it was originally due to be released in October 2019.

It was reported in July that the film was pushed to 2020 in order to accommodate five days of reshoots . Disney demanded new footage after audiences at test screenings declared it too confusing to understand.

Author AJ Finn, a pseudonym for novelist Dan Mallory, caused a literary scandal when a New Yorker story in February 2019 alleged that he had spent years crafting untruths about his personal life while rising up the ranks of the publishing world.

Also starring in the film, which was written by Tracy Letts, are Gary Oldman , Brian Tyree Henry and Anthony Mackie .

Meanwhile, Netflix users are being left shocked upon clicking on new film Army of the Dead due to its lengthy runtime.

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Comments / 396