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Las Vegas, NV

Five unique bars in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada

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Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit
drinkImage by Duc Quang Tran from Pixabay

Downtown Las Vegas is becoming the city’s hot spot for locals and tourists alike. By “downtown,” I’m not referring to Fremont Street. I mean true downtown Vegas — the arts district. — which is wedged between the Strip and Fremont, in this growing pocket of trendiness.

While it may be a bit difficult to secure a parking space downtown on the weekend, it won’t be hard to find a great bar. Here’s a list of five, and they’re all within walking distance of one anther. If you’re overly ambitious, you can have a drink at each.

  1. Velveteen Rabbit. This bar was one of the first and it’s still got a great vibe. If your conversation dulls, this bar offers interesting light displays to stare at. This is the perfect bar to start your evening, and then you can move on from there.
  2. ReBAR. This bar is generally jam packed due to their excellent pricing. In a very “Vegas” style, you can opt to roll the dice for a $2 mystery shot. They specialize in beers and shots, competitively pricing the inventory they want to be rid of.
  3. Jammyland. This bar consists of tables arranged on a sidewalk outside. While it may be intense in the middle of the summer, it’s perfect for the evenings. There are also heat lamps available when the weather is cold. If you’re here on a weekday, you may have the entire sidewalk to yourself, but on the weekends, there’s quite a crowd.
  4. The Garden Las Vegas. This bar is half inside and half outside. It literally spreads out into a large garden. There’s a DJ outside during daytime hours, adding a great vibe to this serene setting. Unlike Jammyland where you’re restricted by the heat of the day, The Garden has so many plants overhead that it protects you from the harshness of the sun. It’s a charming and quaint bar, and it’s well worth a visit.
  5. Artiface. This is a cozy bar, and with the spirit of large crowds, they’ve strategically scattered mannequins on the furniture. Even when it isn’t busy inside, it always feels as if it were. Artiface is open seven days a week, and on weekdays they have themes to attract customers. The best night, in my opinion, is Mondays. They feature blues and it’s a great time!

Enjoy bar hopping in downtown Las Vegas. This list is by no means comprehensive, as there are a ton of great bars and lounges to choose from!