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Are Kev Chino' And Blac Chyna Dating?


As first reported by, Next PLZ News, social media wants to know if growing allegations of Instagram star Kev Chino’ dating reality star Blac Chyna are true. In recent reports, past ‘DM’s’ began to surface online, of the two seeming to have an active and ongoing communicational fling. Including this very flirtatious conversation exchanging ‘heart-eye’ and love like emojis. The surfaced screenshot of the apparent conversation was also purposely blurred out, to not show the entire conversation text by it's unknown original source.

Reality star: Blac Chyna (Above image)

Instagram star: Kev Chino' (Above image)

The original Instagram 'DM' screenshot conversation can be seen in the image above, apparently involving Chyna and Chino'.

There are no further reports at this time. However, there have been recently known reports of Kev Chino’ seen continuing to leave smittened comments under Blac Chyna’s Instagram posts and profile photos.