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    Top NYC private school devolves into ‘hotbed of Jew-hate’ as parents detail teacher flipping off rabbis, group trying to ‘cancel’ Holocaust survivor

    By Deirdre Bardolf, Matthew Sedacca,


    One of the top private schools in the country has “devolved” into a “hotbed of Jew-hate,” parents charge.

    A Jewish student who graduated from the Ethical Fieldston School in the Bronx was tormented by classmates calling him an “ethnic cleaner” and a “colonizer” and even witnessed a teacher give rabbis the middle finger at an assembly, according to his mom.

    “Fieldston is a hotbed of Jew-hate and these terror-supporting students are the epitome of the ‘trigger warning’ generation,” Dr. Logan Levkoff said in an Instagram post.
    After anti-Israel graffiti was scrawled across Fieldston’s entrance, parents slammed the elite private school as being a “hotbed for Jew-hate.” Obtained by NY Post
    After a letter surfaced defending a student accused of anti-Israel graffiti, former Fieldston mom Logan Levkoff issued her own retort. instragram @loganlevkoff

    Levkoff’s Tuesday post came in response to a student letter that defended a classmate accused of vandalizing the school with anti-Israel graffiti and bashed Jewish parents. It claimed the parents were “intimidating” them and “suppressing” ideas not in line with “Zionist ideology.”

    The students were replying to Jewish parents and alums who demanded in their own letter that the $63,000-a-year school protect their kids in light of antisemitic incidents following Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

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    “The Fieldston school’s terror-supporting students have responded to the Jewish community’s letter with a five-page missive,” Levkoff, a relationship expert and self-proclaimed “sex-talking Jewish hockey mom,” shared with her 15,000 followers. “So now it’s my turn.”

    “They’ve been terrorizing Jewish students for years, forcing them into silence for fear that if they speak up, they’ll be called racist,” Levkoff wrote.
    Logan Levkoff is a TV personality and sexuality and relationship expert, and former Fieldston mom.

    “Enough is enough,” she added. “Some of us have played the ‘Good Jew’ for too long.”

    In their letter, the students also claimed that a “vulnerable 16-year-old girl of color” was being “scapegoated” over the “Free Palestine” graffiti on teh school building.

    “This student has been and continues to be blamed and villainized for an act of protest that she was not made aware would break any rules,” they wrote.
    Some parents blamed the culture at Fieldston on DEI initiatives like “affinity groups” that divide rather than unite. instragram @loganlevkoff

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    “Students could not possibly have known what phrases and symbols are viewed as causing harm and why,” the Ivy League hopefuls also declared.

    The link to the letter since been taken down.

    One Fieldston insider doubted the kids wrote the letter themselves and suspected radical teachers or parents helped.

    “There are no kids there smart enough to write that … it has all the jargon,” they said.

    The controversy is the latest in a string of racial and religious incidents there in the past decade.
    In the post, Levkoff said they stayed at the school because her son loved many of his teachers, friends, teammates and coaches. instragram @loganlevkoff


    One former Fieldston parent blamed the recent battles on a “complete failure on the part of the school to teach a fair and balanced curriculum.” The school has “made the ties that bound the community together untenable,” she added.

    The insider pointed to the school’s DEI programs like so-called “affinity groups,” which divide kids by race and identity. The initiatives are headed by a five-person Department of Belonging and Social Impact team.

    “They don’t bring people together, they tear them apart,” the source said, adding that it is a small group “rabble rousing” and espousing anti-Israel and antisemitic sentiments.
    A group of Jewish Fieldston families and alumni wrote a letter to administrators with a list of demands to make the Ivy Preparatory School League institution safer for kids amid anti-Israel incidents. J.C. Rice

    “Fieldston was founded by a Jew and was supposed to be this safe haven for the Jewish community,” one private school parent lamented. “For it to devolve into what it has is totally antithetical to what the school is supposed to represent.”

    “People who go there pay massive tuition because they believe that Fieldston is what it set out to be, and they’re having this rude awakening,” she added.

    A school spokesperson said Fieldston does not tolerate antisemitism and stands “against all forms of hate.”

    “We remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring all members of our community experience dignity and belonging at our school,” they said.

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