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    Columbus Teen Drops Diss Track About Grandma For Reporting Him Missing After Being Found Safe

    By Armon Sadler,


    A scary situation in Columbus, Oh., turned into family warfare and clout chasing accusations. A teenager who was declared missing released a diss track aimed at his grandmother, prompting another family member to respond.

    Tyron Giles, 15, had last been seen in the Oakland Park area, but his grandmother wasn’t certain of his whereabouts. She reported Giles missing to the Columbus Police Department leading to a search for the young teen. Fortunately, he was found, but he wasn’t happy about all of the hysteria surrounding his location.

    “I just been chillin’, livin’ like this h** cappin’/ Or not missin’, let you know/ This h** crazy, on God, this lil’ hoe trippin’/ Talk my dad on me, said I ain’t missin’, I’m just standin’ on bendin’/ You talkin’ bout you gon’ get me? Nah, lil’ h**, you just trippin’/ Don’t forget on your grandson, don’t make me come through with them switches,” he rapped.

    There’s more where that came from. “On God, h**, why you done lied to the whole net?/ Talkin’ bout on me, said I ain’t missin’, I’m just livin’ my best/ Don’t wanna come back home to granny, she know what up next/ She keep on talkin’, I send shots straight through her chest/ F**k granny, I’ma keep on this/ F**k granny, I’ma keep on this, F**k granny,” Tyron Giles rapped. Who knew that being cared about was such a bad thing?

    His family was not fond of his energy toward his grandmother, and one of his relatives spoke out on the matter. They described how his grandmother had primary custody over him and his three siblings and made his life much better than it would have been if he had to live with his absent mother or his father — who only provides financial assistance on occasion.

    “My mother suffered a stroke in August of 2022 and although this young man has always been a challenge, he has really lost his mind since her stroke,” the relative said. “He ran away after Easter because he wanted to be grown and have young girls sleeping over and my mom was not having it. My mom is concerned for his safety because he is aligning himself with the wrong people and activities but he is more concerned about getting internet clout by disrespecting his grandma.”

    They broadened their assessment of Tyron Giles to his siblings and seemingly all teenagers in this day and age. “These kids are just out of order, it doesn’t matter how well they are raised or provided for or whether or not the parents are present and actively involved,” they said. “They want to be grown and do what they want to do without fully understanding what being grown is really all about. He is out here just clout chasing, so please just ignore his antics. I never thought I would be on the internet having one of these conversations, but here we are.”

    The Columbus Police Department has not yet commented on the diss track.

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