Contributor of the Month May 2021: Rachel Yerks

We’re excited to introduce Creator of the Month, a monthly feature that shines a spotlight on the amazing writers and video producers that make News Break the vibrant space it is today.

Our first Creator of the Month is Rachel Yerks who is based in Florence, KY. She joined News Break in November and has written over 100 articles and amassed a following of nearly 1000 readers. Read on to learn more about Rachel and her News Break journey.

Why did you apply to become a News Break Creator? I’ve always loved writing. As a 2020 college graduate, going into this job market was rough. Instead of looking for a typical 9 to 5, I wanted to take this time to build my brand as a writer. News Break is a fantastic opportunity to build my writing brand and show support for local businesses by purchasing from them and promoting their services during the pandemic.

What advice would you give to other creators who want to be successful on News Break? Take pictures everywhere you go. If you’re headed out to the mall or grabbing a bite, you can write about it. Enjoying local attractions and then writing about your experiences is a great way to support local businesses.

What’s been your favorite article to write? My favorite article I’ve written for News Break would have to be my vacation at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, TN. I had a blast re-living a great trip, and it ended up being my best performing article ever and paid for the entire trip!

What do you do when you’re not reporting? In my free time, I like playing board games with friends. We alternate weekend hosting duties between couples and we always have a good time and plenty of pizza. My boyfriend and I also enjoy going on road trips, but I always end up writing about all the restaurants we hit on the way, so I suppose that’s reporting, too!

Anything else you want to share? News Break pushes me to get out on the town more, treat myself to nice meals to later write about, and it gets me involved with local small businesses. I love the flexibility I have working for such a great company while also building my own brand as a writer.

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