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Times Recorder

Public Records: Muskingum County real estate transfers

By Zanesville Times Recorder,


1243 Thomas and Sarah Mealick to Westbourne Residential Properties LLC, 751 Moorehead Ave., Zanesville, $155,000

1244 Jon Henry and Michelle Maxwell to Patrick Henry, 560 Cutler Lake Road, Blue Rock, $40,000

1245 WHD Property Holdings LLC to Neff Investments Ltd., .567 acre split, Granger Hill Road, Zanesville, $2,000

1246 Bentley Sinclair Properties LLC to Jay Wilson and Janet Springer, 2401 Dresden Road, Zanesville, $230,000

1247 Janet Baker to Jeremiah and Kelly Clark, 36 State St., Frazeysburg, $50,000

1248 Lester Jr. and Denise Armstrong to Shawn Ross, Part Lot 9 and Part Lot 10, Rock Hollow Subdivision, South River Road, McConnelsville, $13,000

1249 Danette Birkhimer to Larkcar LLC, 48 W. Ninth St., Dresden, $260,000

1250 Jay Peavler to Judy McCoy and Clarence Gilbert, 10380 Pidcock Road, Norwich, $235,000

1251 Raymond Wilkes to Ralph Kenily, 1601 Maysville Ave., Zanesville, $61,045

1252 Joel Henning to Zane Cuthbert, 10002 E. Athens Road, Roseville, $205,000

1253 Baltic Mission Energy LLC to Rachel Lagneaux, 200 Westview Drive, New Concord, $125,000

Sept. 6

1254 Douglas Ray to Trinity Endeavors LLC, 800 Fountain Square, Zanesville, $44,000

1255 Benjamin Gruenebaum to 2655 West Pike Inc., 950 McIntire Ave., Zanesville, $101,000

1256 Richard Kaiser III to 18 Johnson St. LLC, 18 Johnson St., Zanesville $75,000

1257 Dustin Rock to Douglas Schaefferkoetter, 7305 Duncan Run Road, Philo, $370,000

1258 Helen Riley to William Jr. and Thomas Forker, 2429 Bell St., Zanesville, $10,000

1259 Hydro Supply Company of Muskingum County Ohio LLC to Kathe Robinson, 32 W. Berkley St., Zanesville, $28,300

Sept. 7

1260 Richard Sands to Hartman Land Holdings Ltd., 210 Mead St., Zanesville, $37,000

1261 Steven Shack to 981 E. Main LLC, 68 Southard Ave., Zanesville, $44,000

1262 David Schmid and Cynthia Miller, to 137 Market St. Ltd., 714 Fairmont Ave., Zanesville, $90,000

1263 Heath Butler to Jordan Cunningham, 1010 North Hopewell Road, Hopewell, $245,000

Sept. 8

1264 Kimberly and Kelly Morin, Charles Elekes to Kenneth and Annette Faul, 70 S. State St., Frazeysburg, $78,700

1265 Christina Jurden to Tammy Slevin, 517 Gray St., Zanesville, $96,000

1266 Robert Heslop to Shane and Hope Stephenson, 3155 Stine St., Zanesville, $1,000

1267 Ruth Higgins to Jerrod Beightler and Amanda Smoke, 3149 Broadvue Circle, Zanesville, $299,900

1268 Shawn and Vicki Hoagland to Stephanie Carter, 1331 S. Westwood Drive, Zanesville, $183,000

1269 William and Lauryn Darner to Donna Harris, 3952 Litho Lane, Zanesville, $350,000

1270 Mark Wilson, Claudia Hammack and Marina Stapleton to Kristine Heinrich, 1087 Concord Place, Zanesville, $171,000

1271 Carol Stuart to Rhett and Karly Braglin, 545 Grandview Drive, Zanesville, $160,000

1272 Shegog Foods Inc. to Stephen and Amie Beros, 25 Emilie Circle, Norwich, $360,000

1273 Shonda and Ted Lowry to JMP Holdings 232 LLC, 861 Cabot Drive, Zanesville, $65,000

1274 Morgan Kussmaul to Barbara and Shane Huth, 736 Francis St., Zanesville, $140,000

1275 Ramona Grant to Steven Hobbs, 129 South Willow Drive, Zanesville, $199,000

1276 Cottonwood Property Management LLC to Delora Householder, 918 Indiana St., Zanesville, $105,000

Property Transfers Exempt from Conveyance Fees

Sept. 5

E966 Muskingum County Land Reutilization Corp. to Clinton Fowler, 229 Pine St., Zanesville

E967 Muskingum County Land Reutilization Corp. to Clinton Fowler, 311 Pine St., Zanesville

E968 Brenda Halberstadt to Paul Halberstadt, 480 McConnell Drive, Zanesville

E969 Edna Parker to John Parker, 3545 Olde Falls Road, Zanesville

E970 Linda Gannon to Jeffrey Gannon Sr., 3665 N. Leedom Road, Chandlersville

E971 Mary Mitchell to Kenon Mitchell, 508 Third St., Philo

E972 David Lacy to Erin Lacy, Part out lot 43, Muskingum Avenue, Dresden

E973 Kevin Moore to Kevin E. and Kevin J. Moore, 1780 Stilwell Road, Dresden

E974 Howard Jr. and Tonya Hale to Howard Jr. and Tonya Hale, 6435 Pixie Place, Nashport

E975 Ashley Scott to Casey Scott, 750 Fairmont Ave., Zanesville

E976 Michael Carsey to Brenda Carsey, 3495 Church Hill Road, Zanesville

E977 Donald Green to Dawna and Ross Lee, 865 Norwich Valley Road, Norwich

E978 Don and Darla Conkle to Cornerstone Creek LLC, 2.20 acre, Minerals Only, Union Township

E979 Muskingum County Land Reutilization Corp. to CCD Developments LLC, 122 Mead St., Zanesville

Sept. 6

E980 William and Amanda Green to William and Tracie Gianettino, 320 Fourth St., Philo

E981 William and Tracie Gianettino to William and Amanda Green, 400 Main St., Philo

E982 Terry and Jane Kirkbride to Jane Kirkbride, 101 Jones St., Zanesville

E983 Herbert Wood Jr. to Kathy Boggs, 160 Brighton Blvd., Zanesville

E984 Brandi Shriver to Harold Shriver, 6300 Memory Road, Zanesville

E985 Finley United Methodist Church to Finley Chapel, 4455 Pinecrest Drive, Zanesville

E986 Carl and Carolyn Vensil to Larkcar LLC, 714 Main St. (7 miscellaneous parcels), Dresden

E987 Charles Wickham to April and Angela Smith, 1403 Westwood Drive, Zanesville

E988 Leroy Cox to Rachel Cox, 4465 Webster St., Roseville

Sept. 7

E989 David Norman Jr. to David Jr. and Amber Norman, 1251 and 1252 Melrose Ave., Zanesville

E990 David Norman Jr. to David Jr. and Amber Norman, 1227 Melrose Ave., Zanesville

E991 David Norman Jr. to David Jr. and Amber Norman, 1245 Melrose Ave., Zanesville

E992 Barbara Kroneberger and Ronald Hayes to Barbara Kroneberger and Ronald Hayes, 1125 Riggle Drive, Zanesville

Sept. 8

E993 Jodi Price to John Price, 2413 Stonington Place, Zanesville

E994 Shane and Hope Stephenson to Shane and Hope Stephenson, 3185 Stine Road, Zanesville

E995 Florence Darner to Judith and Joe Dale, 316 Downing Drive, Zanesville

E996 Betty Wilson to Mark Wilson, Claudia Hammack, Marina Stapelton, 1087 Concord Place, Zanesville

E997 Rodney Holdcroft to Mollie Holdcroft, 9870 Matchett Road, Norwich

E998 Sandra Burke to Shonda Lowry, 861 Cabot St., Zanesville

E999 James Wisecarver to Amy Campbell and Karen Carter, 2443 Maple Ave., Zanesville

E1000 Kurt Thornburg and Juanita Johnson to Juanita Johnson, 9125 Center Road, Blue Rock

E1001 Sharon Whissel to Gerald Whissel Jr., TR, 1005 Curtis St., Zanesville

E1002 Patricia Bradley to Jerra Sayles, Jody Bradley and Jamie Werkman, 1.52 acres, Ridge Road Rear, Zanesville

E1003 Jerry Bradley to Jerra Sayles, Jody Bradley and Jamie Werkman, 3075-3907 Ridge Road, Zanesville

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