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    A Pizza Party! For Dogs!?

    By Scidel Lee,


    Williamsport, Pa. — Looking for something to do this coming weekend? MADS Doggo Bistro, LLC is throwing a pizza party…..for dogs! Bring your family and dogs on Saturday June 15th anywhere from 10 to 4 p.m. to Fabulous Finds located 2280 E. Third Street in Williamsport and celebrate with MADS Doggo Bistro.

    You and your dog can enjoy a pizza together. “Everyone can enjoy the same treat at the same time – the pizzas are healthy for both humans and dogs,” explained Matthew Hallden, co-founder of MADS Doggo Bistro, LLC. “You may get your pizza to-go, or spend some time outside and enjoy it on site,” continued Hallden.

    MADS is an acronym for Matt Mason Angela Arlo DeeDee Sydney. “My wife, Angela, came up with the acronym and it took us some time to come up with the full name. One day, Angela called me from work and said MADS Doggo. Our son, Mason, used to watch Grand Theft Auto 5 videos. The one guy on the videos would call dogs, ‘Doggo’. Once we saw it written in all capital letters, it just felt right,” said Hallden.

    “It is dog-safe pizza! We really pride ourselves on creating such unique, healthy treats through our own Arthur’s crunch flour. We know exactly what is in our flour and where it came from unique large dog food companies that contain chemicals in their dog food,” said Hallden. The crunch flour allows the Halldens to create various treats by baking it, boiling, and frying it. “The crunch floor is not just going to crumble, fall apart. It allows us to be creative in what we can make,” said Hallden.

    “We are excited to be able to provide a safe product that may allow dogs to live a healthier lifestyle and possibly a few extra years,” said Hallden. The process is time-consuming. The various shapes of the bones are made in the griddle and then are dried out, not baked, in the oven. “It takes a long time to dry out the bones. But this process is what creates the dual texture, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside,” explained Hallden.

    Matthew and his wife, Angela, have always had a love for dogs. You may get a chance to meet one of their furry friends. The Halldens' three dogs, Deedee, Arlo, and Sydney, gave them inspiration to create fun, healthy, and tasty treats for dogs. “We began dabbling with treats here and there. Then, in 2020, we were bored out of our skulls and finally said let’s get serious about this. We first went from making treats just for our dogs, to our neighbors’ dogs, to our friends’ dogs,” explained Mat Hallden.

    MADS Doggo even have their own taste-testers in the form of a black and white American Stafford, Deedee, a Border Collie/Lhasa Apso mix, Arlo, and a nine-year old lab named Sydney. “Deedee was found by a family member huddled up near a vent in the middle of February. They called Angela, and five minutes later, we were on our way to Philadelphia to get her. Our oldest, Sydney, is a hurricane dog from Louisiana,” said Hallden.

    “We offer a variety of dog-friendly flavors anywhere from strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, molasses, and honey. Certain flavors don’t pronounce themselves as much as other flavors, so we are in constant test mode. Our dogs are the first to test out the product. If it doesn’t pass the dog test, we don’t put it on the table,” continued Hallden.

    “Each small business that produces dog treats produces a product that is unique to the market. We are not competing against other small businesses. We love meeting other dog treat businesses , partnering up with them, or cheering them on. We currently stock several products from The Two Doods Dog Bakery,” said Hallden.

    If you don’t have a chance to stop by Fabulous Finds for the pizza party, check out MADS Doggo Bistro, LLC at their Lewisburg location. MADS Doggo Bistro offers several pizza-party styles–from fundraising options, where an organization, individual, or group can purchase sheet pizzas and then sell them by the slice; to a traditional take-out style, where you may refrigerate or freeze the leftovers for a certain amount of time, to their party-style.

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