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Donald Trump's Loose-Lipped Lawyers Overheard Spilling Secrets in a Restaurant

By Aaron Johnson,


As the saying goes, loose lips sink ships.

After the FBI raided Donald Trump 's Mar-a-Lago home in Florida last August, his four-person legal team at the time — Jim Trusty , Evan Corcoran , Chris Kise and Lindsey Halligan — worked together to persuade U.S. district court judge Aileen Cannon to grant a special master, but their plan quickly changed.

"But Trusty, who played a leading role in the special master litigation, was already frustrated with how things were going," The Guardian reported. "Trusty’s private frame of mind emerged over dinner with Halligan and Corcoran at the five-star Breakers hotel in West Palm Beach, Florida, hours after the special master court hearing. The conversation was overheard by this Guardian reporter who happened to be sitting at the table next to them."

"Trusty’s main irritation with Epshteyn, as he recounted, was having to run his legal decisions by him even though he did not consider him a trial lawyer and objected to how, in his eyes, he gave more priority to Trump’s perceived PR problems than to genuine legal problems ," reporter Hugo Lowell noted.

Lowell overheard the attorney slam Epshteyn for trying to "troubleshoot" legal problem instead of letting him brief his client himself.

"The entire situation meant the lawyers were having to play 'a Game of Thrones nonsense' that he found distracting," Lowell said. "Trusty then discussed legal strategy, suggesting Kise was 'too apologetic' in opening remarks to the judge and questioned the validity of the FBI warrant for Mar-a-Lago. He also said he had no interest in talking to reporters from the publication Lawfare or the New York Times on account of their coverage."

"The pair chafed that when they spoke to Trump on the phone, Epshteyn was typically also on the line," Lowell reported. "At other times, they sniped that Epshteyn would give overly rosy outlooks to Trump and, in March, traveled to Mar-a-Lago to seek Trump’s permission to exclude him from future deliberations."

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As OK! previously reported, Trump, 76, was caught on tape acknowledging he took classified documents from the White House.

But at a town hall a few days later, he maintained his innocence.

“No, I don’t know anything about it,” the businessman stated. “All I know is this: everything I did was right . We have the Presidential Records Act, which I abided by 100 percent.”

“I have the right to declassify as president," he continued.

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