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What Is Convicted Killer Wendi Mae Davidson Doing Now? '20/20' Has the Story

By Melissa Willets,


In 2006, Wendi Mae Davidson was convicted of killing her husband, Air Force Staff Sgt. Michael Severance, the year prior.

The former veterinarian was sentenced to 25 years in prison at the Gatesville Correctional Facility outside of Waco, Texas .

Davidson sat down with ABC show 20/20 in 2022 to talk about her side of the story, and proclaimed that she is innocent of killing Severance. What she did admit to is still chilling.

Here's what happened all those year ago according to the mom of two, as well as what Wendi Mae Davidson is up to today.

Where is Wendi Mae Davidson now?

When Davidson talked to Matt Gutman of ABC News in 2022, it was from behind bars.

The Texas native was convicted of murdering her husband more than 15 years earlier. But she swears she did not kill him — rather, Davidson maintains that when she found Severance, he was already deceased.

Davidson claims that she is only guilty of disposing of her husband's body in a pond after his death.

"I had to take these weights, and I'm trying to tie them onto this body, and of course it's the middle of the night, you know, can't hardly see," Davidson explained in the 20/20 interview. "I knew air made bodies float, so I decided to make holes in the body, vent holes, like, so that air could escape."

This, according to her, is why Davidson stabbed her husband's body approximately 40 times.

"I did what I did, I think it was horrible, I think that I made a bad choice, there were better choices to be made. But I still didn't kill him," Davidson told Gutman.

Wendi Mae Davidson's '20/20' interview is airing as an encore.

Given the fascination with the case, it's no surprise that the 2022 interview is airing as an encore. You can watch it on May 26, 2023, at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

The facts surrounding the former armed service member's death are nothing short of stunning. According to Davidson, Severance was set to be deployed to the Middle East for a sixth tour of duty shortly before he died.

Davidson told police in 2005 about Severance that "he was afraid that something bad was going to happen," and claimed her husband was considering deserting to Canada.

At first, Severance's disappearance was investigated as an AWOL case — until his dead body was recovered from a pond near the home he shared with Davidson.

Bone-chilling internet searches were discovered on her computer, including "decomposition of a body in water." The smoking gun? A toxicology report found animal tranquilizers in the deceased's system. Remember, she was a veterinarian.

Davidson was arrested, and later took a plea deal to dodge a 99-year prison sentence.

In 2019, Davidson was up for parole, but was denied. The next possible opportunity for her release is 2031.

She has never explained why she did what she did to her husband's body, but seemingly will never admit to having killed Severance. It is not known where the couple's two children are while their mom is in prison — but reportedly, they have never visited her there.

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