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    Virginia State Trooper Hit By Drunk Driver During DUI Stop, Seen on Dashcam

    Virginia State Police

    A Virginia state trooper was sent flying to the ground after a drunk driver slammed into her patrol car during a separate DUI stop -- and the whole thing was caught on video.

    This all unfolded when Trooper C. Aziz responded to a sedan stopped in a lane on Interstate 495 Tuesday in Fairfax County ... and as you can see from the cop's dashcam, she's at the driver's window attempting to coax her to exit the vehicle or move it to the shoulder.

    It's right then when another vehicle hits her patrol car from behind -- which is reported to have been a Jeep Cherokee -- and you can see the trooper get rammed from the front.

    She gets knocked to the ground before she quickly bounces back to her feet -- and you can even hear her let out a cry of pain too ... the whole thing is wild. There was also a photo taken of the trooper's patrol car after the impact -- and it looks completely torn up.
    Virginia State Police

    Aziz was reportedly taken to Fairfax INOVA Hospital for evaluation ... and authorities confirm she sustained only minor injuries from the hit. The Jeep driver was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

    Meanwhile, the sedan driver was also arrested and faces a slew of charges ... driving under the influence of drugs, obstruction, possession of a Schedule 1 or 2 substance, refusal of a breathalyzer/blood test, and improperly stopping a vehicle on a highway.

    Busy night for the trooper, indeed.

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