Eating the best tacos in Phoenix at Cocina Madrigal!

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Adam and Madalyn
Adam and Madalyn
 6 days ago


Cocina Madrigal sets the bar for tacos really high, and then clears the high bar they set. When you take your first bite you realize they've thought through every ingredient they put on the plate. From the pillowy soft tortillas to the perfectly seasoned and marinated meats, Cocina Madrigal absolutely brings it. Adam loved the beef tenderloin tacos (I mean seriously, beef tenderloin for a taco?) with their fried onion strings and blue cheese. Madalyn loved the al pastor, which is her favorite type of taco in general. She says this is one of the best she has ever had. We know Phoenix has a bunch of great spots to beat, but we'll make a beeline to Cocina Madrigal every time we roll into Phoenix.

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