Eating hot dogs at the iconic Gene and Jude's in River Grove!

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Adam and Madalyn
Adam and Madalyn
 12 days ago


Gene and Jude’s is a Chicago-area hot dog institution. Located in River Grove, Gene and Jude’s has been serving up their “Depression Dogs” since 1950. What we love about Gene and Jude’s is how simple the menu is. There are literally no frills. You can order a hot dog, a double hot dog, or a tamale. Also, there is absolutely no ketchup on the premises. By no ketchup, yes, we mean zero, not even for your fries! Gene and Jude's is open late, but is often crowded, especially on the weekends. If you've never been, maybe consider stopping by mid-day during the week. Also, keep in mind Gene and Jude's has no indoor seating. So you're likely going to be eating your hot dogs in your car!

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