#HiddenGems Sucre Table with Chef/ Owner Brenda Villacorta (Part 1) "Pastry to Power"

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Walk In Talk: the restaurant life
Walk In Talk: the restaurant life
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#HiddenGems Sucre Table (Part 1) (Episode 25) "Pastry to Power" is all about hard work and the PASTRY LIFE! Chef Brenda is a seriously talented individual AND DRIVEN!! She is 25 years old and in total control of her destiny! It's difficult to adequately give props to her pastries... just know she is on another level. Sucre Table is located in Tampa, FL ..... soooo.... Go. And. Eat! Chef Brenda has been on multiple Food Network shows and her experiences are rooted in hard work and learning her craft at some very Big name Michelin three-star restaurants in NY... Jean George - Le Bernardin - Dominique Ansel Bakery!! Instagram: @sucretable Website: <a href="www.sucretable.com">www.sucretable.com</a> Please SLAM that SUBSCRIBE button so we could continue bringing you Bad-Ass content from the kitchen! Thanks for tuning into Episode 25 of Walk In Talk: the restaurant life! Remember, it's always cool in the Walk In! Friends of the Walk In Talk Show: <a href="https://www.donpablocoffee.com">https://www.donpablocoffee.com</a> <a href="https://www.ibisimage">https://www.ibisimage</a>