Francisco Alvarez, the Most COVETED New York Mets Prospect (New York Mets Prospect Breakdown)

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 14 days ago


(This video was recorded on February 17th, 2021) In today’s video, I discuss the top prospect for the New York Mets, catcher Francisco Alvarez! With 2021 MLB Spring Training finally upon us, there’s a lot of talent to keep an eye on for the Mets. Among them is Alvarez, whose been a highly sought after prospect from opposing teams this past offseason. NYM has made it clear they’re unwilling to part ways with the Venezuelan, so why exactly is that? We’ll be doing a deep dive on Alvarez, his game, and what makes him such a star studded player in the making for the New York Mets! Check me out on Youtube and Twitter, both are under the name WardyNYM! Business Inquires: