How DERRICK ROSE Saved His NBA Career… The Evolution of His Game is INSANE?!

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Romp 2.0
Romp 2.0
 19 days ago


I truly find it fascinating that Derrick Rose had a realization that slightly changing his style of play could help him survive and prosper in the nba because a couple years ago there were talks about his career being over and changing your style is one of the hardest things to do realizing that the way he played all his life through aau, highschool, college, and the nba where experienced a ton of success had to change just a little for the better... a lot of players would not do that because change is hard and a lot of players in his position would refuse to do this its that simple so today so we will be taking a look at The Evolution of Derricks Rose’s style of play. video link- <a href=""></a>

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