White Bass Fishing With Livescope! (Big White Bass)

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Fishing With Nordbye
Fishing With Nordbye


Austin and I went white bass fishing at Lake Guntersville in Alabama, and show you how to use Garmin livescope and how to catch big white bass, some people call them stripe. This was some of the best white bass fishing with livescope I've ever done! We give you some great white bass fishing tips and show you how to catch white bass on livescope, giving you tips and tricks to catch more white bass! We fished for about four hours and the monster white bass that live here were no match with Garmin Panoptix Livescope! This lake is home to giants! There are a bunch that live here! Sniping these white bass with Livescope was a blast, and most people have not done this yet! It is crazy how cool this is! These white bass were roaming out in the middle of the cove and we would pick them off over the big schools of shad using jigs tipped with minnows! This technique worked great for catching these huge white bass!