Livescope VS Livesight! Prefishing Dale Hollow Lake for MLF BIG 5 Tournament!

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Fishing With Nordbye
Fishing With Nordbye
 30 days ago


Laker Howell and I decided to fish some deep grass together for a couple hours and test out the Garmin Livescope vs the Lowrance Livesight or Active Target! They were pretty similar, but I'm partial to my Livescope! The fish were not biting in this grass and we could both see them chasing our baits! The technology coming out in the fishing industry right now is incredible. More information to come out on the boat search soon! Insurance covered my boat damage, thank the Lord! This was the last bit of prefishing from the Dale Hollow MFL Big 5 bass fishing tournament! I caught a few good ones, but the fishing got tough when the lake flooded and the water came up!