How Much it Costs Me to Live Right on the Beach in Miami

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Michael Bordenaro
Michael Bordenaro


I've lived right on the beach in Miami Beach for over 13 years. How? Because I was consistently able to find good rental deals while living a rich but frugal lifestyle. Here's how much it costs me to live right on the beach in Miami in 2021. Get a cheaper cell phone plan and sign up for Cricket Wireless here <a href=""></a> Book a one on one call with me here! <a href=""></a>/ Products I use and recommend that improve quality of life ▶Home Chef <a href=""></a> ▶Hello Fresh <a href=""></a> ▶Naked Wine <a href=""></a> ▶Rakuten <a href=""></a> ▶Cool Sunglasses <a href=""></a> Watch Next Cost of living in Florida <a href=""></a> My YouTube Growth Tools ▶Tube Buddy <a href=""></a> ▶VidIQ <a href=""></a> My Filming and Editing Equipment <a href=""></a>/