What To Do In Coronado California | The BEST Beach in California

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Wanderlust Wellman
Wanderlust Wellman


Coronado Island is a beautiful peninsula minutes away from San Diego. It has so much to offer and is a great day trip from the city - but where should you begin? The famous Hotel Del Coronado, with its iconic red and white massive structure, is a great place to begin exploring. The hotel's backyard is Coronado Beach - an enormous yet pristine beach with soft white sand! This is a magical place to spend some time. Grab some food and a drink, then grab a spot on the sand to watch the sunset. On the other side of the island is another place to take in some beautiful views. Centennial Park provides incredible views of the San Diego skyline, which really shines when viewed during the night. Check out the video and see how you can have an amazing day on Coronado Island in SoCal!