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Ayaan Asraf

Discover the Best Food Trucks in Tucson: The Backyard's Newest Food Truck Camp!

Photo byShould Wang on Unsplash

Introducing The Backyard: Tucson's Newest Food Truck Gathering

If you're a foodie in Tucson, you know the struggle of tracking down your favorite food trucks. They seem to appear and disappear without a trace, leaving you craving their delicious cuisine. Fortunately, a new food truck gathering in town is here to stay: The Backyard.

Located at 890 West Grant Road, The Backyard offers a centralized location for some of Tucson's best food trucks to set up shop. The lineup includes famous names like Dre's Seafood and BBQ, Espresso Café, Palomino's Viva Burrito, and 420 Tacos. But what sets The Backyard apart is the addition of a Venezuelan food truck, which offers a unique culinary style that's not widely available in Tucson.

The food trucks at The Backyard start serving breakfast and coffee as early as 6 AM, and they'll keep dishing out delicious meals until dinner time. It's the perfect spot for a quick bite or a leisurely lunch with friends and family.

While The Backyard is already generating buzz in the local foodie community, there are concerns about how long it will last. Tucson has sometimes been kind to food truck gatherings, and many have been shut down by the city council or mayor's office. That's why The Backyard's organizers have launched an iPetitions campaign to gather support from locals who believe food truck setups can benefit the community and local businesses.

Sign the petition and show your support if you want to help keep The Backyard alive and thriving. And for more information on the food trucks that call The Backyard home, check out their Instagram page.

Why Food Trucks Are a Vital Part of Tucson's Food Scene

Food trucks have become a staple of the Tucson food scene, offering diverse culinary options in convenient locations. But despite their popularity, food trucks need help setting up shop in the city.

One of the most significant issues is the need for established food truck locations. Unlike traditional restaurants, food trucks can only rely on a fixed customer base. Instead, they must constantly search for new places to set up shop, which can only be possible with the proper permits and approvals.

This is where established food truck gatherings like The Backyard come in. By providing a centralized location for food trucks to operate, these gatherings make it easier for customers to find their favorite trucks and for food truck operators to establish a loyal customer base. They also help to create a sense of community and foster a vibrant food culture in Tucson.

Despite the benefits of food truck gatherings, they have only sometimes been welcome in Tucson. Many have faced opposition from the city council and mayor's office, often due to parking, zoning, and sanitation concerns. But as more people come to appreciate the unique flavors and experiences that food trucks offer, it's becoming increasingly clear that these gatherings are vital to Tucson's food scene.

So if you're a fan of food trucks in Tucson, be sure to show your support for The Backyard and other food truck gatherings. By doing so, you're helping to keep the local food scene thriving and providing opportunities for small businesses to succeed.

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