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Stars Over Sabino- stargazing event for Tucson area

By Reyna Preciado,


There are lots of events to look forward to this weekend, but as we know stars are also a pretty big deal here in tucson. We have ordinances that limit light pollution, keeping the night sky as dark as possible for our sky observers up on Mount Lemmon.

Those observers at the sky center are bringing what they get to see down to the trails at Sabino Canyon.

“To me, a deeper connection with the nighttime sky is super important to foster for kids of all ages. Being able to bring that to the Tucson community in an accessible way is paramount,” said Vannessa Gressieux, the Program Coordinator at the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter.

For the second year in a row, the Stars Over Sabino party is bringing almost 20 telescopes to the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area.

Both Friday and Saturday will start with solar observing in front of the Visitor Center until 10 am.

Reyna Preciado
March 24th Schedule of Events
Reyna Preciado
March 25th Schedule of Events

All day naturalists with Sabino Canyon will have some interesting information set up at different tables in the plaza.

“We’re going to do a presentation on web of life talking about how we’re all interconnected and how we need to keep moving forward, and our concerns about our environment and our environmental education, and how we can all have an impact in Tucson and here in Sabino Canyon,” said Jo Eaton, the President of Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists.

Each day three local astronomers are also going to be presenting information about meteorites, telescopes, eclipses, and more.

“We are going to be hosting an individual from the Giant Magellan Telescope, Gustavo Rahmer. Then we have someone that’s speaking about meteorites on Saturday, his name is Kevin Lagore,” said Vannessa Gressieux.

Reyna Preciado
Local Astronomer Lectures

The event itself is completely free to the public, but there is still the regular parking fee.

“The visitor’s center is usually open from 8-4:30, but with the star party, it will be open later on both Friday and Saturday,” said Heather Altherr with the Coronado National Forest.

The address to the recreation area is 5700 N Sabino Canyon Road.


Reyna Preciado is a reporter for KGUN 9 , she joined the KGUN 9 team in July of 2022 after graduating Arizona State University. Share your story ideas with Reyna by emailing or by connecting on Instagram , or Twitter .


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