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    Texas 'drunk driver' arrives at work with 'entire severed arm' in passenger seat after gruesome crash

    By Emily Hodgkin,


    Juan Morgan Munoz, 31, was discovered with an "entire arm" in his car's passenger seat following a fatal hit-and-run accident, it has been revealed by police.

    This resident from Texas , who is already on probation due to previous DUI charges, reportedly hit and killed a pedestrian on an early Saturday morning whilst being under the influence. According to reports, Munoz, who had consumed alcohol, contacted authorities about half an hour after the accident as he was heading towards his workplace.

    It comes after a New Hampshire mom was arrested for 'weaving' on highway at 112 mph with kids , one and four, who were not wearing seat belts.

    Police officers were astounded to discover a "hole in the front passenger windshield" and "an entire arm on the front passenger seat" of Munoz's white BMW, along with traces of blood.

    Stopping Munoz for questioning, the officials found him with "watery eyes, slurred speech, and a strong odour of an alcoholic beverage". He informed them that he was returning from Hooter's and was on his way to his job, but investigations revealed that he wasn't scheduled to work that night. This information was confirmed by his boss.

    Following a failed field sobriety test and a blood alcohol count that was more than double the legal limit, Munoz is now facing serious accusations. However, the identity of the victim brutally killed in the incident remains unknown.

    Munoz's encounters with the law for driving under the influence are not recent: in 2018 he was imposed a fine for a DUI offence and last year he was arrested again which led to his probation.

    This event follows another case where a lawyer from Colorado admitted to feeling "embarrassed" after confessing to three counts of drink-driving offences. Expressing relief over the fact no harm was caused to anyone, she expressed her gratitude.

    Denise Kay, a 56-year-old employment solicitor, was instructed by the judge to undergo a preliminary breathalyser test as she stood for her sentencing in January 2024, due to suspicions of intoxication. The results showed an alarming alcohol level of .324 in her system, quadruple the legal limit for driving under the influence in Colorado.

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