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Inside Michaela Edenfield's makeup routine: The story of FSU softball catcher's unique gameday tradition

By David Suggs,


If looks could kill, then Michaela Edenfield would be one dangerous proposition.

The Florida State softball catcher surveys the infield like a hawk. Others may not be able to see her. But she can see them. And it's her softball IQ, coupled with impressive plate discipline and power to all fields, that has made the 6-foot-1 backstop one of the Seminoles' most important players.

But Edenfield draws attention for another reason, too. Not only is she a part of one of the best batteries in the country, teaming up with ace Kathryn Sandercock to help lead FSU to softball's promised land: the Women's College World Series. But she struts to the field with a confidence all her own. And much of that is due to her impressive makeup display.

Edenfield is a makeup enthusiast. She uses the medium like an impressionist would, lining her countenance with a mix of different shapes and patterns. Her personality shines when the smokey eye comes out, even when her face is shrouded by that all-important catcher's mask.

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Here's what you need to know about Edenfield, one of college softball's biggest talents...and maybe a budding makeup artist, too.

Michaela Edenfield makeup

Makeup as a form of personal expression isn't a particularly new concept. Even under the crunch of high-profile sports, athletes have long turned to cosmetics to give themselves a little oomf before big games.

Take gymnastics, for example. Competitors often cover themselves in all sorts of mascara, foundation and blush, each element playing a pivotal role in an athlete's routine.

In that context, Edenfield's looks have some precedent. Still, even in a sport like softball where creativity is lauded — think hair ties and other accessories — it's not common to see a ballplayer take such painstaking measures to ensure their face paint is on point.

Edenfield comes from the "Euphoria" school of cosmetology. She takes risks, scrawling her eyelids in vivid colors that are immediately recognizable to any viewers. It's a choice rooted in a difficult childhood, one that saw Edenfield bullied.

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“Being bullied, I was a little down on myself and really insecure and I really wanted to have that confidence," Edenfield said last year, per D1 Softball .

That confidence began to sprout when Edenfield watched "RuPaul's Drag Race" . The show centers around drag queens competing to become "America's next drag superstar." Glitzy makeup plays a central role in the program, with queens regularly accentuating their facial features with all sorts of different contours, lip gloss, mascara and highlighter, among other tools.

"Early on in my childhood I remember watching 'RuPaul's Drag Race'," Edenfield said. "And if you know what it is, you know what it is. It's such a vibe. I wanted that confidence. Just seeing that and how much they exude, it's just insane to me."

It's all in the eyes for Edenfield. Although her base makeup doesn't take too long to apply, it's those precise eye patterns that require the steadiest hand. Nevertheless, Edenfield has ate time and time again, rocking a number of Grade-A looks.

There was the spaced-out red-and-blue eyeshadow she wore earlier in the tournament. Or her tiger-print number from back in the regular season, among her favorites to date. Either way, if you can think of it, Edenfield has likely done it. And that makes her extremely proud.

Michaela Edenfield best looks

Edenfield is prolific when it comes to makeup. Still, some looks have stood out more than others. Here's a few of the standout ones since the year started.

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