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Florida Woman Speeding Down Highway Launches Her Car Off Tow Truck Ramp & Flies 40 Yards Through The Air

By Quinn Eaton,


Fast and Furious’ newest installment titled Fast X came out a couple of weeks ago, confirming that this highway mishap was not a part of filming for the recognizable racing and stunt-filled film series.

Though it definitely looked the part…

The unbelievable wreck occurred last week in Georgia and was caught on body camera footage from an officer reporting to another wreck on the other side of the median.

A driver from Florida was distracted as they rocketed down the highway and mistakenly drove up the tow truck’s lowered ramp at full speed, channeling her inner Dukes Of Hazzard. After taking the makeshift ramp, the grey sedan goes flying off over the front of the tow truck and travels an incredible 40 yards in the air before landing hard back onto the Georgia highway.

A deputy from the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office turned to watch the whole thing take place, and thankfully their bodycam was rolling when it happened, delivering this footage that seems to be straight out of a movie.

A 21-year-old woman from Tallahassee was the one driving the vehicle that went airborne and finally came to a stop when it crashed into another car further up the highway. Fortunately, the young woman survived the scary crash, sustaining serious injuries but continuing to recover.

The officers were already responding to another crash on Highway 84 when this once occurred, and the deputy didn’t hesitate to run straight over to the car that they had just witnessed fly through the sky.

In the video below, you’ll see that the deputy immediately takes off over towards the damaged vehicle while calling for emergency services on their radio.

It’s truly hard to believe that a car flying through the air like this is possible, and thankfully the driver will live to see another day and no other individuals were injured during the incident.

Take a look at the jaw-dropping footage below:

As I mentioned before, the person in the car did survive the accident, thus the internet determined that the incident was “free to meme.”

Some of the replies on Twitter below the posted video were as good as comedy can get:

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