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    Superior passes first-of-it-kind resolution condemning anti-Israeli protesters

    By Shaun Boyd,


    Town of Superior passes first-of-it-kind resolution condemning anti-Israeli protesters 03:32

    An anti-Israeli protest outside a private residence has prompted the town of Superior to take unprecedented action.

    Town trustees -- including one who is married to a Palestinian -- unanimously passed a resolution condemning protesters for "hate speech, antisemitism, and racism" against Jewish people.

    While other places have seen far bigger protests, Superior is the first municipality in the state -- and possibly the nation -- to take a stand. Trustees say protesters have the right to hateful, even racist speech, but they -- as town leaders -- have the right and responsibility to condemn it.

    "We typically don't wade into these types of political issues in a small, little municipality," said Mayor Mark Lacis.

    He says when the demonstrators gathered outside a Superior home belonging to a University of Colorado regent, it was a first for the small town, which isn't exactly a hotbed of political protest. The town and its residents don't need to be, Lacis argues, to know the protesters crossed a line. They not only called on CU to divest from Israeli companies, but they called for intifada -- violence against Jews.

    "In my opinion silence on this issue is not acceptable," Lacis said.

    Many residents agree. They packed a Board of Trustees meeting to weigh in on the resolution that condemned Students for a Democratic Society, the group behind the demonstration.

    "They brought their hatred and vitriol to our town and left many of us feeling that we were not safe in our own neighborhood," said Stephanie Clarke, who is Jewish.

    Superior resident Elliot Fladen suggested everyone should denounce the group's message.

    "If it was the KKK marching down the street saying 'Lynch the Blacks,' or Westboro Church saying, you know, 'Do something to the homosexuals,' we would see people out and out demanding that this be condemned," Fladen told the board.

    Another neighbor said he is a third generation Holocaust survivor who, before the protest, only knew about antisemitism from what his mom and grandfather told him.

    "Growing up in America I thought I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore," he said. "On June 1, it came to my doorstep."

    Protesters gathered quite literally at the doorstep of Callie Rennison, the chairwoman of CU's Board of Regents, while neighbors rallied in support of her.

    "Without the counter protesters, I have no doubt that the outcome of this protest would have been far worse. And we were told to expect worse. So thank you people of Superior you are truly my hero," Rennison said.

    She also thanked the town board.

    It didn't take a position on the war in Gaza, but Trustee Jason Serbu said they were compelled to call-out the protesters.

    "I want everyone to know we're not standing for this," Serbu said.

    Many residents hope the message resonates across the country.

    "With this resolution Superior serves as a shining example of what it means to stand up to antisemitism and be an ally to the Jewish community," said Clarke.

    She noted the town -- which survived the Marshall Fire -- has a history of coming together in difficult times.

    Several state and national groups, which have been sounding an alarm about the rise in antisemitism, also praised the board for passing the resolution.

    Following the publication of this article, Students for a Democratic Society sent CBS News Colorado statement which read in part, "SDS has and will always hold nothing but love for the Jewish community. SDS is committed to fighting for divestment from genocide and invites students of all faiths and ethnicities to join."

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