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Catching up with South Milwaukee quintuplets 25 years later

By Susan Kim,


South Milwaukee is home to many things, a legendary wrestler, a well-known high school, and neighborhoods filled with young families.

Two-and-a-half-year-old Max has a new sister in his family. With two kids, Natalie Page can't imagine having five, saying, "No way. I think that's my biggest fear, having five at once."

Her sister, Alyssa agrees, saying, "Because when I watch the two of them by myself, it's tough."

Although they can't imagine having quintuplets, they do know a lot about them. They are two of the Arnold Quintuplets of South Milwaukee.

I first met them in 1997, when they were about 10 weeks old. Their mom, Connie, had recently come home from the hospital and had an army of volunteers helping her with the five newborns. Five mouths to feed, diapers to change, rock to sleep. They watched the story I did on them at the time and said it made them feel so nostalgic. The quintuplets are now 25 years old.

Natalie says, "Having siblings is the best gift I was ever given."

Alyssa is the oldest. Their mom said as a baby, she was the loudest of the bunch. Alyssa says she is still that way.

Daniel was born second, and according to his mom, wanted to eat first as a baby.

Natalie was the third and was described as always patient. She says she was also the mediator between her two sisters.

Emily was born next. Their mom said she was always patient.

Devin was next. Their mom said he was the one who woke up first from naps. Natalie describes him as a "sweet soul."

All five still live close to each other in South Milwaukee or nearby, and get together as often as they can, which can get difficult with families and jobs. The quintuplets stay in touch with the volunteers who raised them. One of those volunteers, Sandy, now watches Natalie's two kids, something she calls "a full circle moment."

Natalie is also amazed by how much her daughter looks like her and she even sees her siblings in her. Alyssa considers Natalie's kids her best friends and Natalie says she always has built-in babysitters.

At the time of their birth, the Arnold Quintuplets were the third known set born in Wisconsin.

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