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Seminole mobile home and RV park claims utility company cut sewer line

By Taylor Mitchell/KFOR,


SEMINOLE, Okla. ( KFOR ) – A mobile home and RV park in Seminole claims an electric utility company is not taking responsibility for damaging a sewer line on their property.

Shady Acres Mobile Home and RV Park paid plumbers $6,200 to fix a sewer line on their property that a contractor of Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative (CVEC) hit while drilling. All the owners want, is for them to take care of the bill.

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“Where do you where do the small business owners that receive contractor damage, where do we turn to? If someone denies it, do we turn to court? We shouldn’t have to pay for everything that a contractor does,” said Chris Courtney, co-owner of Shady Acres Mobile Home and RV Park.

Co-owner Chris Courtney said in May, a contractor for CVEC drilled on his property. They allegedly broke a water line and sewer line.
A mobile home and RV park in Seminole claims an electric utility company is not taking responsibility for damaging a sewer line on their property. Image courtesy Chris Courtney.

“They hit the water line over here, flooded this and shut the water off for 80 families for close to six hours that day while they dug it up… They hit the water line and the sewer line at the same time,” said Courtney.

Courtney said the contractors fixed the water line that day and left. But days later, he noticed the sewer line was also damaged as a result of their drilling project.

“They said that they’re not responsible for it. This sewer line is not even ten months old. They’re the only ones that have probed through here. So, we sent them the pictures of the plastic that they went through and that it filled up with mud. They said they’re not responsible,” said Courtney.

With no help from the company, Courtney took matters into his own hands and hired a plumbing business to fix the $6,200 worth of damage.

“I just want them to pay the bill,” said Courtney.

Courtney said he’s reached out to the company several times over the last month and claims they refuse to pay for the damage they caused.

KFOR reached out to CVEC. The Chief Executive Officer, Gary Highley, told KFOR quote, “We absolutely take care of any damage that is a result of our construction activities. The first I heard of this was with your call.  If they have an issue that is not being resolved I am happy to work with them personally to get it resolved.”

In response to that comment, Courtney told KFOR he has left two messages and one email with the company.

Courtney also claims he’s not the only small business owner dealing with an issue like this.

“There’s a group of us that have received all kinds of damage… Only thing that they were worried about downtown is getting better internet service but at what cost to us people, to us business owners?” Said Courtney.

Courtney said he and other small business owners in the area who have been affected by this issue will attend Tuesday’s Seminole City Council meeting to address their issues in hopes for a help or a solution from the city.

Courtney said if that doesn’t work, he will move forward and take legal action.

Highley told KFOR, “I asked him for 1 business day to check into the issues but I heard his issues we will get him taken care of.”

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He also gave more information to KFOR:

“Canadian Valley Electric Cooperative and CVEC Fiber, LLC. are constructing 80 miles of state-of-the-art underground fiber to the home broadband network in the Seminole area.

We go above and beyond state and local requirements for the location and construction of underground facilities to include hand digging where necessary.

On rare occasions when there is underground facility damage during the construction process Canadian Valley Electric and CVEC Fiber always works with the customers to resolve any issue that arises in an effort to be good stewards in the community.

It is our goal to always leave an area as good as or better than when we started.

If there is ever a situation that a customer feels is not being adequately resolved they are welcome to talk with me personally.” – CVEC Chief Executive Officer, Gary Highley.

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