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Seattle Man Warns Against Killing Those House Centipedes

By Kourtney Borman,


I can honestly say that there probably are not that many people out there in the world who would willingly welcome a creepy crawly bug into their homes and the creepier the bug the more likely they are to want to get rid of it by any means necessary. That is the entire reason we have so many types of bug spray and ways to keep them out of our house, but one TikTok creator, IDKSterling , shares one bug that you should definitely allow to hang around.

Let's talk a bit about bugs, particularly house centipedes. These critters are about an inch and a half long with fifteen pairs of legs and tend to be yellowish or yellow-brown colored. They move fast and tend to stick to darker areas, and overall they're just not something that most people would typically invite into their homes, or allow to stay once they are there.

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So, what is his explanation for why we should keep this particular creepy crawly in our homes? Well, it just so happens to be because these specific bugs are actually pretty darn useful in keeping down all other sorts of pests!

That's right, these multi-legged beasties eat a lot of the other gross bugs that may make their way into your home such as cockroaches, fleas, small spiders, ants, and more. These bugs are a house centipedes natural food source, meaning they are doing the job of regular bug spray for you, all without you having to lift a finger!

You should keep in mind that seeing more than a few house centipedes in your home might also be a sign of a larger problem. If you've got more than a couple hanging around they are doing so because there is an ample food source, meaning you've likely got all other sorts of pests there, providing more than enough meals for those centipedes to stick around. So not only should you keep centipedes around as a means to keep other pests down, they can also act as a sort of 'canary in the coal mine' for other creepy critters!

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