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Two California Cities Named Among The Top 10 'Smartest Cities' In The US

By Logan DeLoye,

25 days ago
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What does being "smart" mean to you?

Do you consider intelligence a reflection of how much you retain from educational studies or something built through life experiences? "Smart" might hold a different definition for us all, but in terms of "educational attainment" and "quality education," there are a few cities scattered throughout the U.S. known for being the "smartest" around.

According to a list compiled by Study International , the smartest cities in all of California are San Jose and San Francisco. San Jose ranks as the second smartest city in the country and San Francisco the fourth.

Here's what Study International had to say about the two smartest cities in California :

San Jose

"The city boasts an impressive 82% of its residents holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. This achievement can be attributed to the area’s esteemed schools and universities, including Stanford University, San Jose State University and the University of Silicon Valley. A strong focus on education and access to higher learning contributes to its reputation as a hub of high-tech innovation. The city is also home to many high-tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook."

San Francisco

"Known for its tech innovation and high living costs, San Francisco is home to major tech companies like Google, Apple, Salesforce, Twitter and Uber. The city and its surrounding area are also home to renowned universities, including Stanford, UC Berkeley, and San Francisco State. With the highest median annual salary on this list but also the highest median home value, San Francisco is a magnet for highly educated professionals despite its steep expenses. Around 35% of adults hold a bachelor’s degree, while 23% have pursued a graduate or professional degree."

For a continued list of the top 10 smartest cities in the country visit .

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